"An IV Bar"

Improve your health with a Vitamix  IV

intravenous infusion.





Vitamix IV is an alternative medical approach  promoting proactive health and wellness. Unlike oral consumption of vitamins  which only deliver a 20-30% absorption rate; Vitamix IV is an intravenous infusion which delivers 100% bioavailable vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. 

Vitamix IV is a ground breaking practice of medicine, which enhances everything from increasing energy, boosting strength & fitness, fortifying the immune system, suppressing anxiety, stress, and reducing the effects of aging. 


Vitamix IV drip bar provides the following infusions: 

  • Vitamix IV PURITY   Potent radical detoxification 

  • Vitamix IV C  Combats sickness 

  • Vitamix IV MOBILITY  Improves joint strength and mobility

  • Vitamix IV ENERGY  Increases metabolism/enhances energy 

  • Vitamix IV PROTECT  Boosts immune system 

  • Vitamix IV SERENITY  Reduces stress 

  • Vitamix IV SHINE  Rejuvenates and makes skin glow 

  • Vitamix IV SLIM  Weight LOSS & CONTROL  

  •  Vitamix IV FIT    Enhances athletic performance and decreases recovery time

  • Vitamix IV ALERT Heightens brain function and reduces effects of attention deficit.

  • Vitamix IV YOUNG  Anti-aging

  • Vitamix IV  HANGOVER I  Mild hangover recovery

  • Vitamix IV  HANGOVER II  Moderate hangover recovery

  • Vitamix IV HANGOVER  III  Severe hangover recovery  


Can a person younger than 18 years of age get the Vitamix IV treatments?

No.  At our facility only adults of 18  years and  older can receive these treatments.

Can women who are pregnant get this treatment?

No.  It is highly encouraged for women who are pregnant to seek medical advice/care from their OB/GYN physician.  As with any medical treatment, some treatments can be harmful to the unborn child.

Can I drive after a Vitamix IV treatment?

Yes.  There are no contraindications or restrictions in resuming your day as usual.

Who will administer this treatment?

A licensed medical professional will be the only staff member administering this treatment.